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 Beth is a Los Angeles native who has been in love with acting, traveling, and having a good time for as long as she can remember. 




Beth Fisher was born at UCLA and raised in West Hollywood by her east-coast transplant parents. They have no show-biz inclinations and wonder how they managed to have two daughters with a predilection for acting rather than medicine or law. Beth often collaborates on projects with her sister, Lara.

Beth is classically trained in theater and has studied with such greats as Francis Lederer and Fiona Shaw, but loves the mediums of film and television. She also loves to eat, travel, and do other fun things, which was the inspiration for Busy Beth's Blog, a written and video blog dedicated to travel, food, and fun.


Latest Happenings

Super excited that we have finished our short film, Bloom, and are soon to get it on the festival circuit! More TBA!

See me onstage until May 1 as the lovable ditz, Peggy, in DEMONIC HOUSEWIVES!

I'm recurring in Unfriended: The Comedy Series, and even directed an episode!

Loving the ongoing Sweat   Lodge Improv Workshop I've started attending.

It's been great fun recurring on the web series, You Are Here.